TRAC Series & Classes

Find out more about the TRAC series championships and car classes.


TRAC currently holds races in three distinct series, each with their own championship at the end of the season.

There are plans to add a fourth series.

Sprint Series’

There are two sprint series’, with 15 lap races. During each race weekend, there are multiple races in each of these series contributing to the overall results.

Endurance Series

A 1-hour Endurance race held during each race weekend contributes to an endurance championship each season. This year, this is the Vantage VW 1-Hour Enduro.

Car Classes

Competitor cars include everything from production-based cars, like Honda Civics and CRXs, Volkswagen Golfs, BMWs, and Dodge Neons, to dedicated racing machines, like our Pro Stock class, other tube-chassis cars, and even a Radical – something for every fan.

Car classes are determined by lap time brackets for maximum flexibility.

GT Class Cars

GT cars are classified using laptime brackets. This allows a spot for nearly any car to race in the field.

The current GT classes are:

  • GT1: 1m, 09.999 or faster
  • GT2: 1m, 10.000 and slower
  • GT3: 1m, 13.500 and slower
  • GT4: 1m, 16.500 and slower
  • GT5: 1m, 18.500 and slower
  • GT6: 1m, 20.500 and slower

ARMS Pro Stock

In addition to the GT Class cars, another class custom-tailored for Pro Stock cars also competes within TRAC.

ARMS Pro Stock is a road racing class designed to re-purpose existing Pro Stock cars in the region. Rising cost to compete in the Tour series have priced many racers away, so we are offering a fun, safe and competitive environment to race this type of car. The rules are strongly based on the current MPST rulebook. Basically, square up the car, get a good 4 speed gearbox, make weight, and you are good to go road racing!

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