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2021 Supp Regs

Coming soon, please check back later.

Updates for 2021 ARMS Race Licenses


Due to COVID-19, we, along with many other regions and series, will be dropping the medical examination normally required. So for 2021, all previously licensed drivers will not require a medical examination. If you held a full race license from 2020, you will only require a Self-Declaration Medical. All Rookie drivers will require a Full Medical.

NOTE: This is a exemption not a extension of your current medical with ARMS. All drivers 35 and above will require a full medical for the 2022 race season, and any driver 34 and under may require a full medical pending on last dated medical.

Race License Fees:

As a thank you for running full time in 2020, any driver who held a full race license with ARMS in 2020 will only pay $40 for their 2021 Race License. Any driver who had a 1 day Race license (JCM) will pay the normal $120 fee.

Rain Lights

  • To be approved to run in a rain race, drivers must have: One FIA approved or equal LED light. (RED)
  • Rain Light/s must be either a steady on or consistent flash during the entire time on track.
  • Rain Light/s must be on the rear, in the centerline of the vehicle with nothing obstructing the light view from behind.
  • Rain Light/s must be able to be switched on by the driver In the vehicle during a race.
  • Rain Light/s must be a separate light from the tail lamps.
  • Rain Light/s can not be affected/changed by the brake lights.
  • Rain Light/s must be illuminated anytime the racing surface is wet/damp.
  • If a rain light fails or becomes damaged during a race, the Steward of the event will determine if the competitor is able to continue in the race.
  • It is recommended but not required to have the vehicle tail lamps on during a rain race.

This is a safety concern. With the increasing speed difference of the cars at AMP, we want to make sure everyone’s safety is covered. We do not all travel the same speeds and we do not all have perfect eyesight, so this is a cheap and easy step to increase everyone’s safety on the track. 

Example: On a GT car, the light could easily be wired into the factory license plate light wiring of the car and mounted where the vehicle’s license plate was. If it starts raining, turn the tail lamps on and the rain light will be on.

Though FIA lamps are not mandated, you should use a similar size (around 10cm x 10cm) and brightness. The Pro Stocks have been running a great option that is inexpensive. 

A note about Medicals

Currently you need to complete a full medical form at the following intervals:

  • Every 5 years for racers 35 and under
  • Every 2 years for racers 36 – 59
  • Every year for racers 60+

On years where you do not require a full medical, you will need to submit a self-declaration form with your license application.

Note: Please check back on requirements for 2021, as they may change due to COVID-19.

Annual Renewal Checklist

Please complete the following to apply for your racing license:

  • ARMS Race License Application
  • AMP Medical Form (for medical rescue crew)
  • If applicant is under the legal age of majority, a consent and release by parent or guardian form must accompany your completed license application. Contact for this form.
  • Insurance Waiver form
  • A photocopy or scan of your current years ARMS affliated club membership card
  • Medical form (see above note regarding medicals)
  • A photocopy or scan of your last year’s ARMS Race License
  • A copy or scan of your Driver’s Log Card for the previous year showing ARMS steward signature for at least one ARMS event or approval of the ARMS Race Director
  • A photo in JPEG format for your license
  • License fee: $120

Note: National license holders must fill in all forms and provide national license #.

Send at least 14 days in advance of the first event at which you wish to use your license to:

James Partridge
426 Town Road
RR #2
Falmouth, Nova Scotia
B0P 1L0
(902) 798-4712