TRAC Series Officials

Learn about the team that makes the TRAC series possible.

Trackside Officials

Race days at Atlantic Motorsport Park are run by a talented group of volunteers who work to ensure every detail is taken care of – from tech inspection to trophies. 

Race Director: Joel Nelson

Chief Tech Inspector / Past Race Director: James Whitman

Chief Steward: Daphne Sleigh

Chief of Timing & Scoring and Regional License Registrar: James “Pidge” Partridge

Timing and Scoring: Bluenose Autosport Club (BAC)

Rookie Coordinator: Nick Roussakov

Marshals: Atlantic Region Race Control Association (ARRCA)

Starter: Derrick Clarke

Grid: Debbie Miller

Medical: Medical Rescue Team

Tow: Paul McDonell

Race Committee

The Race Committee is made up of representatives of all of the ARMS member clubs who are involved in racing events. These members make decisions on rules and policies, and work on logistical details for race events.

Atlantic Formula Racing Association (AFRA): Lucas Strackerjan

Atlantic Sports Car Club (ASCC): Marc Vézina

Bluenose Autosport Club (BAC): Blu Vandaalen

Fredericton Motorsport Club (FMC): David Charters

Moncton Motorsport Club (MMSC): Mike McCrea

New Brunswick Sports Car Club (NBSCC): Matt Trivett

Race Promotions Group

A small, but mighty, group of volunteers takes care of the promotion of TRAC Series events at Atlantic Motorsport Park – including marketing, merchandise, sponsorship, social media, website, and more! Have a question about the promotions? Email us! 

Joel Nelson (Race Director & Sponsorship Sales)

Jenn Earle (Promotions & Marketing)

Leigh Pettipas (Advisor & Sponsorship Sales)

Glossary of Officials

Race Director: Takes care of lots of details – especially with rules, logistics, promotions, and making sure everything is taken care of for race day. The Race Director leads meetings with racers and club representatives.

Tech Inspector: Makes sure race cars are safe, meet the standards in the rules, and are compliant with rules.

Clerk of the Course: The chief official responsible for executing an event safely and in accordance with the regulations.

Steward: Enforces rules and regulations, makes decisions on on-track disputes/incidents, issues penalties and deals with appeals as needed.

Medical: Our talented team of paramedics and medical first responders stationed around the track ready to help should there be an emergency.


Timing & Scoring: This team takes care of all race timing and race results.

License Registrar: Processes license applications and issues licenses to competitors.

Starter: The volunteer at the start/finish line with the flags!

Marshals: The friendly team of volunteers with the flags in each corner. They communicate messages to racers through these flags through raced control (they have communication by radio to the tower), and help racers should there be an incident on track.

Grid: Responsible for making sure all competitors who are getting ready to go out on track for the race are gridded up and ready to go.